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• unlimited prints

• duplicate photostrips

• black & white or color

• custom photostrip footer

• automated 60-second sessions

• collection of unique props

• on-site attendants

• online gallery

3-hour minimum rental - $650

Additional hours - $175 per

No set-up or break-down fee

We also photograph weddings!

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Rates & Info


To order, email with your item name, size & quantity. Please include your name and mailing address. You will receive an invoice with payment instructions. Subject to shipping & handling fee of $5.95. Payable by credit card or check. Size chart available here.


steers·man (stirzmən) noun: the front rider on a conventional tandem bicycle who steers as well as pedals

stok·er (stōkər) nounthe rear rider on a tandem bicycle who only pedals & holds on for dear life

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